Can’t wait for that debs night to arrive? Well, make sure you choose the right limo company for this very special occasion. When you choose AAA Limos you are guaranteed not to be let down and arrive in style to will impress classmates, relations, and family! Being Dublin’s No. 1 limousine authorize company we can offer a range of vehicles from silver or white baby Bentleys, classic white limos, pretty in pink always a head turner, the red fire engine or the super limo with its glass lit floor. Whichever car you choose you can be assured of the very best service from us. We will pick up all the couples and bring them safely to their venue to ensure they got the night off to a great start, one they won’t forget! Book your debs limo today.

Always on time

We guarantee you our drivers are always on time for your special occasion or special day.

Reliable & Friendly

Our drivers are reliable, professional, friendly and cater to your needs.


Our limos are affordable to everyone, we cater to groups who want to share also.

Loaded With Goodies

All our limos are of high standard and come with drinks and in-car entertainment.